UX Researcher, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, Mobile Developer, Quality Assurance, Scrum Master

thumbnail-cadangan Job Vacancies Telkom Digital Solution project by Telkom Indonesia opens vacancies for a career with positions:

1. UX Researcher
2. Backend Developer
3. Frontend Developer
4. Mobile Developer
5. Quality Assurance
6. Scrum Master

Benefits :
1. Placement Telkom Digital Solution, Jakarta
2. You'll be working in full time/project-based period

If you are interested, you can send CV / Resume & related certificate to the website below:

For More Information :
Archie Ekaviansyah – Talent Performance and Acquisition - Telkom Digital Solution – HP: 0813-3577-7676 - Email: admintds@telkom.co.id

@TG, 23062020
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