System Ops Engineer

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Jakarta, Jakarta Barat, id

Job Description
  • Developing, maintaining and optimize system, tools and infrastructure in efficient and effective approach.
  • Dare to solve difficult and harder issue between development and operations.
  • Keep system performance, availability, stability and security.
  • Love to work in a team and collaborate with many people to achieve the target.
  • Happy to help development teams on debugging and troubleshooting the applications.
  • Self-manage, stay creative, and having fun with Ralalian.

  • Experienced in UNIX/Linux OS deployment (Deploying, maintenance, monitoring, troubleshooting)
  • Experienced in cloud infrastructure (Amazon Web Service or Google Cloud)
  • Experienced in containerization (Docker container or Linux Container)
  • Experienced in infrastructure monitoring tools
  • Expected to understand GIT repository in daily basis
  • Expected to have experience in writing a script (BASH or PYTHON or PHP)
  • Expected to have experience in PHP-FPM and HHVM
  • Expected to have experience in administering MySQL & PostgreSQL databases.
  • Expected to have experience in ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
  • Love to write automation script

Additional Information
We are a tech start-up company, we are building our dream. Everything you do, it will be impactful. We are moving in very dynamic environment. Everything is changing rapidly.


@TG, 28072020
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