Event Promotion, Mobile Development, Sales Property, Business Development Manager, Bookeeper, Project Supervisor, Income Audit AR, QC, Graphic Design, Billing Supervisor, Macro Government, Retail Sales Manager


This is our Update for Vacancy
We are looking for :

  1. Event Promotion Staff (Loc. Cikarang)
  2. Mobile Development Supervisor (Loc. Cikarang)
  3. Mobile Development Staff (Loc. Cikarang)
  4. Sales Property (Loc. Tanjung Lesung)
  5. Business Development Manager (Loc. Cikarang)
  6. Bookeeper Staff (Loc. Tanjung Lesung)
  7. Project Supervisor (Loc. Tanjung Lesung)
  8. Income Audit AR Staff (Loc. Tanjung Lesung)
  9. QC Staff (Loc. Tanjung Lesung)
  10. Graphic Design Staff (Loc. Cikarang)
  11. Billing Supervisor (Loc. Cikarang)
  12. Macro Government Staff (Loc. Tanjung Lesung)
  13. Retail Sales Manager (Loc. Cikarang)

If you interested you can send your CV to astrid.sari@jababeka.com



@TG, 02112020

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