Financial Controller, Chief Accountant, Income Audit, Account Receivable, General Cashier, Account Payable, Cost Controller, Book keeper, Purchasing, Receiving Clerk, Store Clerk, IT, Corporate Accountant


Plataran Hotels and Resorts

Dear All,
Plataran Indonesia is currently looking for potential candidates for position to be placed in our respective units:

- Financial Controller
- Chief Accountant
- Income Audit
- Account Receivable
- General Cashier
- Account Payable
- Cost Controller
- Book keeper
- Purchasing
- Receiving Clerk
- Store Clerk
- IT
- Corporate Accountant (Jakarta)

For our Units Plataran Indonesia in Bali, Komodo/Labuan Bajo, Bromo, Borobudur, Jakarta, and Puncak(Bogor).

Please send your CV and application letter and stated your expectation salary to: cc:

Thank you

Putu Wedayanthi
Human Resources at Plataran Hotels and Resorts


@TG, 31102020

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