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PT. Evlogia Kreatif Perdana (Evlogia Organizer)
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Freelance Crew

PT. Evlogia Kreatif Perdana (Evlogia Organizer), Event Organizer since 2017 based in Surabaya & Jakarta looking for Freelance Crew.

Education: SMA/SMK, D3, S1
Gender: Male/Female
Age: Max. 28 years
Status: Freelance
Salary: Competitives
Location: Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta


  • Male or Female
  • Max. 28 Years Old
  • Good Looking (priority)
  • Experience In Event Organizer (priority)
  • Good attitude & have communication skills
  • Good time management
  • Have a leadership character
  • Not working in other Event Organizer’s company
  • Able to work under presdure
  • Able to work in another city
  • Have integrity, loyal, caring and good teamwork
  • Already vaccinated min dose 1
Submit your CV, resume, and tell us why should choose you to EMAIL with subject: APPLY<space>(FC)<space>EVLOGIAEO



@JK, 06092021
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