Technical Support Position

#Hiring for Technical Support Position at 3D Med

Company profiles and products: see the link

Salary: Rp. 4.700.000 per month
Placement : Hybrid
Expected date of joining: As soon as possible

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  1. Bachelor degree or above in clinical medicine, laboratory medicine, molecular biology and molecular genetics
  2. Experimental hands-on ability and strong communication skills;conscientious and responsible;
  3. Experience in diagnostic reagent product development or after-sales service is preferred;
  4. Willing to adapt to irregular overseas business trips because candidates may travel to different places
  5. Overseas after-sales service or sales experience is preferred
  6. Excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
Job Descriptions:
Pre sales support: 
  1. Visit client with Sales; collect lab need from the client; select the product portfolio design that meets the client's requirements from the molecular detection solution of 3D; Present and explain it to the client;
  2. Show the device operation related to the solution of automatic molecular detection for the client;
  3. answer the technical and product questions of the client;
  4. Work with sales team to analyze client's needs, opportunity points, follow orders and promote orders
  5. Work with agents to do solution design and presentation in the terminal laboratory
After- sales problem solving:
  1. Install device for client
  2. Teach client experimental process
  3. Give feedback on the experimental problems from customers and find solutions
  4. Follow up and Find solution by coordinating company internal resources to solve the unsolved problem until those problems have been solved. 
Agent training and communication:
  1. Provide relevant technical training for agent technicians, including installation, equipment operation, performance verification, regular maintenance, troubleshooting, etc
  2. Inform the agent's technicians of the latest technical information, and ensure that the agent's technicians fully master it through comprehensive methods such as learning and examination
Summary of technical problems:
  1. Summarize customer problems and solutions
  2. Complete typical case replay
  3. Write technical report;
  4. Organize team members to continuously learn the latest technology and share the best experience

For more information , details and CV submission please contact me at 081283604498 (Clara) Thank you!


@TG, 07042022
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