For Indonesian Architect/Designer

thumbnail-cadangan We are looking for an Architect/ Designer (above 12 years experienced) which can be groomed to lead our designers and play a key role in Business Development (BD). The later (BD) position may be important but not an essential if he/she is a very talented architect or designer with good creative skills. But most important is his/her potential ability to lead our team.

Our office had implemented The Strategic Initiative Program (SIP) and soon we will follow it up with our future Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) covering all major facets of our company from admin, finance, accounts, BRCS (Billings, Receivables, Collections and Sales), HR all the way to design.

Of critical importance is our Dream Team Program (DTP) where excellence in creative and innovative design is the Program’s Seeking from designers being trained and cultivated into a “Dream Team” for the future of the company

The Owner/Founder desires to see the team to grow to the highest level possible in the future and had prepared a way to achieved it through dedicated training and guiding staff include listening to everybody even the Juniors and peers to achieved a better design and beyond…

The company assures to everybody seeking a professional and rewarding career that there should be no concerns of prejudicial issues in their way of being “misunderstood or mis-judged” as the company continues to encourage “Openness” in People Culture.

Favorite quote from the Founder

“My primary and most essential goal in life is to remain connected to the world of spirit. Everything else will take care of itself”

“Live in the present moment…. To resist lamenting past mistakes…. To feel the real power of now”

“If everybody remembered to live life this way (as children do when they first arrived on this planet, it’s what we hardened souls call innocence), we would transform the world”

For the record, our main office is in Singapore and our branch office is in Jakarta, our project is in planet Earth…. For now…….

We wait for your CV and portfolio and tell us about your life, your desire and passions.

Please send your CV to

info at milis iai | Jan 18, 2016
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