CEO or Executive Director

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Position: CEO or Executive Director
Salary: Open for Negotiation
Location: Banyuwangi
Industry: Pulp & Paper Industry

  1. Bachelor's degree or above, more than 8 years of overall management experience in large and medium-sized paper enterprises, more than 10 years of working experience.
  2. Familiar with packaging paper, specification, and quality, can deeply analyze the industry characteristics and give professional advice on the supply chain system.
  3. Familiar with budget management and cost control, be able to calculate break-even point according to the production situation.
  4. Familiar with the sales channels and skills of packaging paper products in Indonesia have the ability to judge the market situation, and timely adjust the sales strategy.
  5. Be familiar with the capacity and configuration of the equipment, and be able to reasonably allocate the capacity according to the actual production needs.

please feel free to send your updated CV to : or DM me :)
(Only suitable candidate will be contacted)

@TG, 29062020
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