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Role : Senior Programmer
Industry : Fintech
Job Status : Permanent
Location : Sudirman
Salary : Open

Qualifications :

  1. Bachelor degree or above, Major in computer science
  2. Familiar with the basic principles and concepts of the database, familiar with the installation, configuration, optimization, monitoring and security Settings of the database
  3. Familiar with Linux operating system, such as network configuration, security configuration, account management, disk management, netstat sed awk find rsync and other common commands
  4. Familiar with common web services, such as nginx, php-fpm, tomcat, etc
  5. Familiar with TCP/IP protocol, capable of common network troubleshooting
  6. Familiar with common monitoring services, such as zabbix, nagios and cacti, and proficient in using at least one of them
  7. Proficient in shell and common python scripts (at least one)
  8. Like to travel, Chinese are preferred, no barrier to comunicate with Chinese and English
  9. Like the computer, Internet industry, be free training once passed.

More info/kindly apply here :
Email : (dotco only)
WhatsApp : 08121946343

@TG, 10082020

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