Terminal Management SPV


Urgently hiring!
Position: Terminal Management SPV
Industry: Global consumer electronics company
Location: north pluit, jakarta

Job Desc:

  1. Responsible for the material placement plan of different terminal stores across the country;
  2. Responsible for the design plan and cost accounting of different stores;
  3. Responsible for terminal material procurement and store product display plan;
  4. General survey of stores and establishment of store display standards;


  1. Bachelor degree (full-time) or above, major in marketing;
  2. More than three years of work experience in market terminal management, with mobile phone electronic product market management experience preferred;
  3. Have strong communication skills and good stress resistance;
  4. Possess a certain copywriting and planning ability and strong execution;
  5. Possess good Chinese, Indonesian listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, English is preferred;

send your CV to: teranova@bosshire.com
WA 0821 1068 3690


@TG, 19082020

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