Finance Supervisor


Need Urgently Finance Supervisor


  1. Position    : Finance Supervisor
  2. Name of Department  : Finance and Accounting
  3. Direct Supervisor   : Department Head
  4. Work Related :
  • Internal : Admin and Department unit
  • External : Supplier / Vendors, Banks.


  • Do a coordination with Warehouse team, procurement and other functional head to have complete document to be input into System.
  • Do coordination with each functional Head to have complete data and document regarding NPI, PI request and payment plan
  • Coordinate with outside parties regarding payments, such as banks, Leasing companies, Vendors, and others.


  • Negotiating with banker to have good exchange rate when we want to buy Rupiah from Dollar
  • Doing the fund transfer from USD account to IDR account in system
  • Handling all checks transaction with all supporting docs.
  • Preparing all complete invoice to be paid from Filing folder.
  • Input all payment list into Internet banking or write checks to vendors based on approval list.
  • Update applying payment in Accounting System.
  • Input Bill from vendor in AP system, must assess the tax transaction also.
  • Update actual payment on approval list as control of weekly payment.
  • Filing documents for payment vouchers
  • Reconciliations between bank Statement and Internal record, or do bank Reconciliations in system
  • Preparing report of RTE (Export transaction detail report) to banks that require bay Central bank of Indonesia.
  • Do reconciliation between Cash Advance for operational and its settlement.
  • Controlling of Deposit to supplier Schedule.


  • Reporting Outgoing and Incoming Cash
  • Do coordination with all department due to cash and payment.
  • Check and ensure all supporting documents before payment


  • Educational : Academy/Bachelor Degree Accounting /Management
  • Having Brevet B/C is a strong point
  • Familiar with accounting system is a must. Experience with Quickbooks is a great point.
  • Experiences : 2 - 4 Years as a Cashier or Finance/General Accounting
  • Proper skill in communication
  • Technical Accounting Knowledge
  1. Finance and Accounting
  2. Banking
  3. Taxation
  4. Computer Spreadsheet
  5. Email management, internet
  • Ability to Work in team and good English both writing and conversation
  • Stationed in Sukoharjo, nearby Solo Baru, Jawa Tengah

Please send you application and interested CV by email to:
or you can send DM to me by Telegram

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@TG, 27102020

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