Sr. Back-End Developers


PT Netzme Kreasi Indonesia (Netzme)
Position: Sr. Back-End Developers (2 positions)

Here's what it takes to be our team:

  • Advanced experience in Java & Back-End Development and in using Java's popular libraries such as Apache Cassandra, Kafka, Spring, Retrofit/OkHttp, RxJava
  • Familiar with front-end development with Javascript

Another mandatory requirement worth to be given separate attention: As a Senior Programmer, a superb attitude of collaboration within and with other dev teams is a must.

We endorse an open culture regarding salary and compensation to maintain work ethics between the team, but we want to avoid unnecessary issues in the so-called "Global Talent-War". We come in peace and not to disrupt the industries. Hence, we will inform the salary range and other benefits through direct messages to each applicant - don't hesitate to contact us!

Interested candidates, reach us at attaching your latest CV which includes your portfolios.

Erwin Wang
Head of People-Audit & Chief Office Representative at Netzme

@TG, 30112020

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