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A Tech
Software Engineer

A-Tech is a company that provides a variety of products for the needs of the Indonesian people. Starting from primary, secondary and even complementary goods. A-Tech prioritizes the best service to consumers. This is also what makes A-Tech able to stand until now. At A-Tech, we prioritize fairness, so that all contributions made will always be rewarded.
  • Education: D3, S1
  • Gender: All
  • Status: Full Time
  • Salary: 3 - 6 Juta
  • Deadline: 31 Maret 2022
Lokasi Kerja:
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat

Job Openings :  Backend || Frontend || Full-Stack
  • Develop a highly maintainable and reliable mobile application;
  • Take care of the entire life cycle of small to medium complexity projects;
  • Write clean and tested code in Flutter;
  • Collaborate with team on building and managing our mobile application;
  • Write an automated test to ensure our app is bug-free in a fast way.
  • Fee: salary : it’s still negotiable.
  • Experience in building an application using Flutter – minimum 2 years;
  • Experience in building scalable & reliable backend systems, preferably in Java, Golang, and Node.JS – minimum 2 years;
  • Strong knowledge and experience of Android & iOS development;
  • Experience with testing (unit test or instrument test) of code for robustness and reliability;
  • Experience in database, schema design, algorithms, query optimization is a great plus;
  • Solid CS foundation (data structure, algorithm, coding, networking);
  • Self-starter, fast-leaner, and excellent can-do attitude.
How to join:
  • Write down your curriculum vitae and all the jobs you have worked and experiences you have participated in.
  • Don’t forget to write down your personal contact as well so we can contact you.
Send all your application via email:


@LB, 13012022
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