Document Control & Project Admin

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Position: Document Control & Project Admin

Job Description:
  • Controlling company and project documentation
  • Ensuring all documentation meets formal requirements and required standards
  • Sorting, storing, and retrieving electronic and hard copy documents
  • Conducting regular reviews and document audits
  • Using computers to organize and distribute documents within a company
  • Helping in the planning stages of a specific project
  • Ensure documents are shared at key times to facilitate timely project completion
  • Working in site office and covering other sites as well.
  • Work experience as a Document Controller or similar role for at least 1 years
  • Administration skills
  • Be thorough and pay attention to detail
  • Great skill in producing report
  • Hands-on experience with flowcharts and Microsoft Office software
If you are interested, please send your latest CV:
  • To:
  • Cc:
  • Subject email: Document Control


@TG, 22032022
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