Data Engineer

Ach. Junaedi:
We are looking for candidates for the position of : Data Engineer

Location : Jakarta (Indonesia)

  • 2+ years on handling data roles
  • Technical Skill : CDC(Change Data Capture) with Kafka/Debezium or other Stream Data Processing, Python/Java, SQL, Airflow, dbt, GCP/AWS
  • Soft Skill : Communication, Critical Thinking, Detail Person
  • Collaborative team spirit

Best Preferences
  1. Age: Below 40 years old
  2. Gender: Male/Female
  3. Skillset: CDC; Kafka / Debezium
  4. Language: English is a must
  5. Education: Bachelor degree
  6. Currently unemployed: OK to apply
  7. Job-hopping habit (less than 2 years): OK to apply
The role
  1. Worktime frame: On-site works, unspecified yet for timeframe
  2. Report to who: not specified yet
  3. The subordinates: unspecified yet
  4. The core responsibility: Handling Data Engineering
  5. The competitor brands: Any tech companies
only those who meet the criteria will be processed

Send your application file to email address : | Subject : Data Engineer


@TG, 16042022
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