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PT. Gondowangi is currently #Hiring for:


  1. Female, maximum 35 years old.
  2. Bachelor's degree in Marketing or related field.
  3. Experience across marketing, including brand marketing and content management in beauty industry.
  4. Excellent analyzing strategy promo and plan collaboration with sales team

Job Description:
  1. Responsible for developing brand image & communication.
  2. Create marketing plans and marketing strategies to support the creation of brand image and brand building in the market.
  3. Implement marketing strategies aligned with business targets.
  4. Monitor budgets to maximize profits and minimize cost.
  5. Generate reports on brand performance, sales, and all marketing projects.

Please send your CV to (subject: Brand Executive_Name) or comment below to see your profile.

Thankyou, have a nice day!


@TG, 03062022
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