Best Technical Team

  • Female / Male
  • Age 25 - 50 years old
  • Minimum educational degree of Diploma 3 technic telecomunication
  • Have a strong integrity, credibility and professionalism
  • Having experience minimum 3 - 5 years in Telecommunication & IT field, mainly on the test & measurements tools for Fiber Optic & Radio Frequency (Splicer , OTDR , Fault Locator , OLTS , SDH/Erhernet Analyzer , Handheld Tester , etc)
  • Having experience in Linux or Windows field support experience, knowledge or experience of Virtualization Technology, knowledge on IP Networking
  • Have a good communication skill
  • Broad knowledge in telecom matter both on network side and IT side
  • Having good networking in major Teleco industry
Send the CV to cc (Subject : Technical)

Placement : Jakarta Pusat
Website :

  • Install and commissioning server and storage systems
  • Troubleshoot and replacement of hardware
  • Install and troubleshoot operating system
  • Perform preventive and proactive maintenance
  • Escalation and management of complex problem
  • Maintain customer satisfaction and service quality
  • Perform, install, support and configure Routers / Switch / Firewall
  • Provide on-going network maintenance (Routing & Switching / Security / Wireless) including updates and patches
  • Trouble shoot and resolve any technical issues
  • Have Knowledge about Software Programming (Linux / C++ / Perl / Python) will be an advantage
  • Have knowledge about Monitoring System
  • Have knowledge about IP MPLS, Gate way Internet, Mobile Infrastructure
  • Have knowledge about Network Security firewalls (Fortinet / Check Point / Juniper / Palo Alto) and virtual private networks


@TG, 05092022
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