Management, Operation, Stimulation, Translator, ESP, Toolpusher, Supervisor, Drilling, Engineer, etc

Good morning Connections!
We are currently seeking following positions for our onshore Project in IRAQ (Land Rig)
Experience : Oil and Gas onshore experience is mandatory
  1. Well control Management
  2. Operation Support
  3. Operation Safety&Emergency Management
  4. Stimulation Engineer
  5. Stimulation Operator
  6. Stimulation Lab Technique
  7. Translator
  8. ESP Engineer
  9. Senior ESP Operator
  10. ESP Assistant
  11. Senior Completion Tool Operator
  12. Senior Toolpusher
  13. Toolpusher
  14. Equipment Supervisor
  15. Workover Supervisor
  16. Drilling Superitendent
  17. Direction Drilling Engineer
  18. Open hole Engineer
  19. Open hole Chief Operator
  20. Open Hole logging Interpretation Engineer

Note: Candidates holding degree certificate and passport send me your updated cv with all certificates on ASAP


@TG, 24042023
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