Security Defensive Engineer

Hi everyone
PT Salva Teknologi Digital is URGENTLY Looking for :

1. Security Defensive Engineer (Blue Team)
    With Requirements and Job Desc below *Key Requirements*
  • have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.
  • have 2 - 4 years of relevant IT experience, with a minimum of 1-year hands-on as IT security engineer
  • familiar with common security controls and security standard, such as NIST
  • Understanding of enterprise application system, operating systems (OS) a network system
  • Familiarity with cybersecurity concepts and methodologies
  • Experience with handling complex IT Infrastructure architectures
  • On-ground thinking and problem solving
  • A self-motivated learner that continuously wants to share knowledge to improve others
    Job Descriptions:
  • Regularly assess the IT landscape for vulnerabilities
  • Formulate security processes and protocols
  • Identify, analyze and select best-in-class threat prevention software
  • Develop, improve and implement better security mechanisms
  • Ensure we meet compliance requirements related to security testing
  • Proactively identify and reduce security risks
  • Investigate attacks to find the root cause
  • Generate regular security reports and assist in audit activities

If you’re interested and for further information, please send your CV to (Position - Name) or you can contact me via WA with link You can visit our linkedin profile at

Feel free to share this opportunity with your friends or colleagues.
Thank you 🙏


@TG, 13102023
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