Assistant recruitment consultant

thumbnail-cadangan BOSSHIRE is hiring Assistant recruitment consultant now!

Job Requirements:
  1. A genuine passion for resourcing;
  2. Proven ability to develop successful working relationships and possess communication skills to influence, guide and advise;
  3. Direct sourcing experience, passive candidate indentification/attraction, using Linkedin Recruiter and various social media platforms;
  4. A drive to meet targets, in particular time and cost to hire to the business;
  5. Excellent English language skills both oral and written (Mandarin, Japanese and Korean languages are preferred);
  6. Bachelor degree in psychology, fresh graduates welcomed;

Job Responsibilities:
  1. Coordinate with team to achieve target every week;
  2. Arrange interview with candidate;
  3. Making phone calls to candidates;
  4. Conducting interviews with prospective candidate;
  5. Doing background checks and verifying the references;
  6. Developing a relationship with clients;
  7. Updating the recruitment agency database with the details of potential candidates;
  8. Calling up candidate and informing them if they have been successful or unsuccessful in their application;
  9. Building database of clients and contacts;

location: Soho Capital
Cv to
WhatsApp 081295399858
@TG, 23072020
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