Business Development Virtual (Ast Manager)

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Business Development Virtual ( Ast Manager)

  1. Maintain the existing cooperative relationship and look for growth opportunities.
  2. Expand customers in important industries and complete external cooperation with the project;
  3. Manage virtual teams to complete the company's formulation of key monthly, quarterly, and annual operating goals.
  4. Responsible for the marketing plan and implementation of each product line to improve product market coverage.

  1. More than two years of BD experience;
  2. More than one year management experience;
  3. Has strong judgment ability, organization, planning, execution ability, adaptability, strategic analysis ability, comprehensive use of various knowledge and skills to deal with problems flexibly.
  4. Experience in the virtual products industry is better
  5. Expert in Excel,PPT,Fluent in English is a MUST

please send your cv to me  :

@TG, 03072020
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