Operational Officer

thumbnail-cadangan Benihbaik.com is looking for: Operational Officer (2 head-counts)

Job Description:
  1. Responsible to distribute the donation from strategic partners to potential beneficiaries.
  2. Responsible to distribute the public fundraising results to beneficiaries. 3. Work closely with the partnership department to continue the disbursement process per the details in the MOU.
  3. Work closely with the supply department to fulfill agreed obligations with strategic partners (press releases, social media content, media exposure, creative placement on the website/apps.)
  4. Disburse the funds to the finance department, based upon the agreed amount and procedure.
  5. Curate potential partners to work closely to channel the aid. 7. Arrange the budget draft (RAB) to channel the aid.
  6. Provide an overall activity report.

Send your CV and Portofolio to careers@benihbaik.com

@TG, 28072020
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