Rotating Engineer

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Job Title : Rotating Engineer
Work Location: Sugar Plant Project, Sumba-NTT

  • Mechanical Engineering Degree
  • 2-4 years experience in EPC / Industrial Plant Projects. Preferably have experience in pumps and conveyors
  • Max age 35 y.o.

Job Description:
  1. Understand the scope of work orientation (EPC & Reporting System to the Client).
  2. Understand the Equipment List and Plot Plan: estimate the capacity of the equipment, driving force & location of each equipment.
  3. Making datasheet equipment: by referring to the process datasheet & other documents such as the basis of design, basic engineering design data, and also equipment specifications
  4. Make a purchase document: in the form of a document stating the purpose of the purchase and special requests for equipment to be purchased complete with the attached datasheet attachment.
  5. Technical Bid Evaluation: after the suppliers offer, the rotating engineer reviews and compares with each other including: compliance with demand, delivery time, deviation from the standard, installation methods, etc.
  6. Vendor Print Check / Post Purchase Evaluation.
  7. Performance Test Evaluation.

- 7: 1 rooster.
- Provided mess and operational vehicles.

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