Service Manager

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"Service Manager"

  1. Effectively manages Service Team Members, including Customer Service and Technicians to ensure team and company’s objectives are being carried out
  2. Finding External Service Providers (finding, negotiation, agreement, finalize) and maintain relationship with them
  3. Review yearly External Service Provider’s contract as needed
  4. Developing or Improving customer service procedures, policies and standards
  5. Monitoring issues and complains and develop method to lessen recurring issues and complains
  6. Auditing work of Customer Service and Technicians to ensure company’s standards are met (efficiency, productivity, procedures)
  7. Mentor and develop Customer Service and Technicians
  8. Oversee and occasionally perform repair
  9. Proposes modifications to service processes and/or materials used
  10. Perform other job-related duties as needed

  1. Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering
  2. 2 years experience as Service Manager
  3. Excellent leadership, communication, sales, and customer service skills
  4. Computer literacy
  5. Strong creative thinking and problem-solving skill
  6. Ability to work under pressure

Please send your CV with subject [Service_Name] to

@TG, 29062020
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