Mutual Fund Admin


We are Phillip Sekuritas Indonesia seeking position for :



  • Execute / input client transactions into system
  • Perform day to day accounting booking and calculate Fund valuation (Net Asset value) for mutual funds
  • Reconciliation portfolio every day
  • Monitoring redemption fund settled to investor account
  • Ensure IFUA process
  • Ensure the investment guideline that stated in the Collective Investment Contract (CIC) / Operating Memorandum/ agreements on each funds is applied accordingly
  • Ensure OJK and/or any related regulation are applied to the fund
  • Ensure monitor and check all the related compliance monitoring based on the OJK and/or related regulations are performed accordingly
  • Ensure all the accrual and tax provision are correctly calculated
  • Monthly report to OJK and management


  • Bachelor degree in Accounting /Finance/Banking or equivalent
  • Good communication skills
  • A delivery-focused person.
  • Has a good analytical
  • A proven ability to create and maintain good relationships is essential.
  • Has strong knowledge on Capital Market Industry is an advantage

Please send your CV, Resume and your writing samples (or blogs) to with the subject line “Fund Admin”.

@TG, 06082020

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