Creative Content Editor


PT Promedika Mitra Utama (Promedica Samarinda)
Position: Creative Content Editor


  • At least finished High School or Bachelor's degree in any major (DKV and Multimedia is preferred)
  • Proven work experience or have basic skills of a graphic designer, photography and video editing
  • Familiarity with photography and video equipment
  • Familiarity with Adobe family software or related software
  • Familiarity with the whole process of creating storyboard and camera work
  • Have a good marketing strategy and digital marketing skills is a plus value

Job description:

  • Conceptualizing and planning content on the entire company's social media and platform
  • Execute designs and edit videos for marketing purposes
  • Create all forms of other tools used for marketing and business development purposes

Send your application and current CV to:

Further information: 0888-9653-644

@tg, 0601

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