Document Control Staff

thumbnail-cadangan PT. Hazama Ando Murinda
Japanese General Contractor
Job Vacancy: Document Control Staff
Location: Sudirman might be based in Site Office (Banten – Bandung) Area

  1. Experienced in Foreign (Japanese and Non-Japanese) Tender
  2. Fluent in English (Written & Oral)
Job Desc
  1. Prepare and File Documents according to the Numbering Applied
  2. Receive and Sending Letter/Document and Drawing
  3. Maintain the Numbering on Letters according to Procedures
  4. Note and Archive all Letters In/Out
  5. Archive all Engineering Documents in Order
  6. Distribute Documents/Drawings according to Instructions and Archive with Transmittal Receipt
  7. Monitor Documents and Drawings
  8. Help Project Manager to make Letter (Internal or External)
  9. Take Documents/Drawings which was revised
  10. Prepare Recordings to be handed over to GA Archive Warehouse
  11. Do anything that is related to the Project
  1. Responsible to make List/Notes of Document/Drawing Distribution
  2. Responsible to Archive Document/Drawing related to Project
  3. Responsible to give Passive Recordings for GA Archive Warehouse
  4. Make sure Documents which were sent was received by the recipient

If you are qualified, please email:
Subject: Document Control Staff
Thank you! Good Luck!


@TG, 25022021
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