Land and Marine Seismic Client Rep and QC Consultants

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The Exploration GeoSolutions (ExGeoSol) Group is a geophysical consultancy company incorporated in Hong Kong and Indonesia and operating in the SE Asia region to assist oil and gas exploration (

Posisi: Land and Marine Seismic Client Rep and QC Consultants

Seismic operation in SE Asia. Opportunities for the the following consulting level seismic professions in 2021/22:
  • Land and Marine Seismic Project Managers
  • Land and Marine Client Reps
  • Marine Mammal Observers
  • Marine Seismic Navigation QC
  • Land and Marine HSE advisors
  • ROV pilots for OBN operations
  • Technical and HSE auditors
  • Seismic data processing QC

Posts are open to international personnel. Send application and CV to:


@TG, 10062021
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