Research and Development Staff, HR Payroll Staff, Export Import Staff

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Placement : Gunung Putri, Kab Bogor & Jembatan Besi, West Jakarta

PT Kahaptex Textile stills open some positions, there are:
  1. Research and Development Staff (Male, Max 25 years old, Graduated from Vocational High School in Chemistry or Pharmacy, Fresh graduate are welcome, Mastering Ms. Office)
  2. HR Payroll Staff (Female, Max 30 years old, Diploma in Accounting/Economics/Management, Having experienced with an intern is advantages, Having knowledge in handling E-DABU, SIPP, and Payroll)
  3. Export Import Staff (Female/Male, Max 35 years old, Diploma in any major, Experienced in the same field will be advantages, Confidence speaking in English, Tech Savvy and Mastering Ms. Office, Placement in Jembatan Besi, West Jakarta)

Please scan the barcode below our poster or click this link to apply for this position.

Only shortlisted candidates will be processed.

Thank you!


@TG, 22062021
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