Software Quality Assurance, Accounting Finance Officer, Customer Experience & Business Support, Business Development, Digital Marketing, Field Consultant, Senior Content & Tutor Development, Product Owner IT, Developer, IT Infrastruktur

thumbnail-cadangan Hello Job Seeker!
#Bahaso is looking for passionate and incredible talents to join our teams in these positions:
  1. Software Quality Assurance (QA)
  2. Accounting Finance Officer (Staff Level)
  3. Customer Experience & Business Support Lead
  4. Customer Experience & Business Support
  5. Business Development (B2G)
  6. Business Development (Channel Partnership)
  7. Digital Marketing (Bahaso Staff Level)
  8. Digital Marketing (Aminin Staff Level)
  9. Field Consultant (Staff Level)
  10. Senior Content & Tutor Development (Spv - Manager Level)
  11. Product Owner IT
  12. Mobile Developer Lead
  13. Full Stack Developer
  14. Backend Developer
  15. Front End Developer
  16. IT Infrastruktur

Head over to our page to read the qualification and should there be any positions suits you, send your CV to

Join for an exiting journey of your career!
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