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Graphic Designer - Social Media Operation - VJ Manager - VIP Operation - Customer Service - Event Operation

YayaLive founded in 2020, the company has completed two rounds of financting with over 100 million yuan including Singapore government funds. The company is committled to connecting young users around the world and creating a video entertainment community.

Education: D3, S1, S2
Gender: Male/Female
Status: Full Time
Salary: Competitive

Letjen S. Parman St No.kav.28, RT.12/RW.6, South Tanjung Duren, Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta City, Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta - 11470

Graphic Designer

  • Produce impressive creatives for digital display advertising
  • Create brand-specific content for social platforms
  • Improve design to propel performance of creatives based on data
  • Demonstrate skills in design, composition, animation, and video as it pertains to digital media
  • Collaborate with key internal stakeholders on work – including Ads expert, content marketer, sales team, and product marketing team
Social Media Operation
  • Responsible for managing product on social media platforms to assure users growth and boost activeness
  • Participate in planning, organizing, executing online to build product and brand awareness.
  • Manage and develop creative digital contents, including product messaging, video editing, poster design and online advertising with basic graphic editing skills
  • Contact and Coordinate with KOLs / Influencers who works with YAYA Live
  • Build the connection with media and spread the PR article via media channels
VJ Manager
  • Provide VJ online and Union
  • Plan work, arrange training for VJ and Union to have a clear and accurate understanding of the details of the event, and daily content
  • Maintain VJ’s online quality
  • Supervise, coordinate, answer questions and solve problems for VJ and Union as assigned
  • Prepare Daily Report
  • Recruit and identify potential VJ and Union to help the growth of the business
VIP Operation
  • Proficient in features and how to play live streaming, understanding the needs and psychology of VIP users
  • Responsible for establishing contact with VIP users, collecting, compiling, analyzing and managing user information
  • Differentiate services for VIP users, answer questions and maintain good communication with users
  • Continue to follow the condition of VIP users every day, and make strategies to maintain and enhance user activity, and guide in refilling
  • Coordinate and analyze various effective activities in accordance with the policies / plans of the operational team, and also help the operational team to collect questions and feedback from VIP users
Customer Service
  • Responsible fo the user’s platform consultation and answering questions, and keep track of the content of the consultation until the problem is solved
  • Collect user’s opinions ands suggestions, analyze and organize user data regularly, and make feedback and advancement timely
  • Distinguish the cause of the problem, properly appease the user’s dissatisfaction and complaints, and reasonably report the handling
  • Be good at sumarizing problems, and combining data to make suggestions for product features
  • Devise amd streamline the content policy implementation process to align the objective of different teams for a better quality control result
  • Have a good understanding of content quality definitions and principles, and able to illustrate in a clear way
Event Operation
  • Plan and launch Live streaming campaigns by following up popular topics, events, social hot issues etc
  • Explore new campaign strategies and models, and continuously improve the campaign strategies through data monitoring and analysis
  • Monitor the revenue growth strategies in the market and provide reports and suggestions.
Graphic Designer
  • Native speaker in Bahasa is required. Fluent in either Chinese or English is preferred
  • 1+ years professional graphic design experience in a business environment, preferably with a marketing background
  • Working knowledge of After Effects, In Design, Photoshop, Illustrator and more
  • Strong interpersonal skills and highly collaborative.
Social Media Operation
  • Gender: Not specified
  • Age (Year): 22 – 30
  • Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree – Master’s Degree
  • Experience (Year): 1 – 3
  • Native speaker in Bahasa is required. Fluent in either Chinese or English is preferred
  • Strong internet marketing and business skills, including SEO and social media advertising
  • Good Creative
  • Excellent written and content communications skills, including editorials, videos, communications materials
  • Excellent understanding of Indonesia culture, including festivals and holidays, local customs
  • Knowledge and understanding of Live Streaming industry
  • Having KOL and Media resources is preferred.
VJ Manager
  • Experienced in related fields
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Age 22-35 years
  • Able to communicate in English or Chinese.
  • Have human resources Can supply VJ/KOL/Net Idol
  • Able to flexible working hours
  • Work well under pressure, polite and calm.
  • Able to work as a team
  • Learn to work quickly and can work successfully according to the set goals
  • Responsible intend to perform duties
VIP Operation
  • Bachelor degree or above, base in Phnom Penh. If there is work experience related to VIP customer service is preferred
  • Good image, good temperament, sales experience is preferred
  • Liked the internet field, and can quickly adapt to the live field streaming
  • Having good communication skills, able to analyze the psychology of users and take the initiative to provide good service
  • Able to work under pressure, able to respond to problems, make timely and reasonable solutions.
Customer Service
  • Native speaker in Bahasa is reuired. Fluent in either Chinese or English is preferred
  • Good interpersonal communication and coordination skills, a strong sense of responsibility and execution, able to withstand the pressure of work
  • Have certain risk awareness and strong ablitiy to respond to emergencies
  • Well written ability, data analysis ability, good at summarizing and analyzing
  • Responsible for work, have a certain ability to withstand pressure
Event Operation
  • Minimum 1 year experience in Live streaming industry, especially in Live streaming or short-video product, familiar with Live streaming platforms
  • Result-oriented, good logical thinking, strong in data analysis
  • Strong execution and good capacity for pressure, and a good sense of communication and co-working
Phone: +6282110745557


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