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Major Responsibilities :
  • Duties Under the guidance of the Finance Department of the headquarters, responsible for the construction of the Indonesian company's financial process system and daily financial management;
  • Responsible for docking and cooperating with relevant local third-party fiscal and taxation agencies and relevant administrative agencies;
  • Establish and improve the construction of the financial internal control system and risk management of Indonesian companies;
  • Assist in completing the disclosure of financial matters related to Indonesian companies in accordance with the reporting requirements of listed companies;
  • Assist the commercial department in the business development and operation analysis of the Indonesian regional market;
  • Complete other tasks and temporary tasks arranged by the leader.

Job Requirements :
  1. The construction site is mainly in Jakarta, Indonesia, who can communicate in Chinese/English proficiently, especially local overseas Chinese in Indonesia;
  2. College degree or above, major in finance and accounting, more than five years of financial work experience;
  3. Have strong communication and coordination skills, understanding and analysis skills, teamwork spirit, patience, sense of responsibility, and resistance to pressure.

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