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Retail Operations - Surabaya
  1. Responsible for the operations implementation of stores, and complete various business indicators in combination with market and product strategy.
  2. Drive sales performance of all stores, perform store data consolidation and analysis. Evaluate and improve store performance.
  3. Understand customers, guide and empower store partners and specialists to create outstanding customer experience. Responsible for training delivery.
  4. Responsible for the implementation of various products and service processes in the store to ensure a good customer experience.
  5. Collaborate with brand to make sure the projects delivered and execution, including the store opening promotion etc.
  1. RS GMV & device target achievement
  2. RS Members target achievement
  3. Store visit and inspections (quality & quantity)
  4. Store SOP [display, operation, selling skills, IM etc.] management through effective RS management and data monitoring & management"
  5. Important projects delivery & execution (O2O, store opening / ongoing promotion, etc.)
Role Requirements:
  1. Diploma / High Diploma / Degree holder, more than one year of store work or management experience.
  2. Familiar with the operation and management process of franchise stores, and have good management ideas.
  3. Strong team management ability, communication and coordination ability, able to work under great intensity and pressure.
  4. Strong action, diligent and studious, brave to accept new knowledge, dare to try and challenge, full of innovative thinking.
  5. Proficiency in using various statistical analysis software and office software.
- Placement : SURABAYA
If you're interested, kindly send your latest CV to  
with subject : Retail Operations (Space) Name


@TG, 01112021
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