Assistant HR Manager, Assistant Head of IT, Avionics Technician, Graphic Designer, Healthcare Administrator, Jr. Project Engineer, Marketing Support, PPC, Production Support, Receptionist, Software Engineer, Structure Technician, Warehouse Admin


Hi everyone, here is an update of the current Job Openings at IDS and group (JAKARTA PUSAT or HANGAR):
  • Assistant HR Manager (Min. 2 years as Supervisor/Senior position)
  • Assistant Head of IT (Min. 3 years as Supervisor/Team Leader)
  • Avionics Technician (fresh grads are welcome, Min. C1, C2, C4 Licenses)
  • Graphic Designer (fresh grads are welcome, portfolios required)
  • Healthcare Administrator (S1 Kesehatan Masyarakat is preferred)
  • Jr. Project Engineer (Min. Bachelor degree in Aerospace/Aeronautical/Aviation Management, fresh grads are welcome)
  • Marketing Support (Fresh grads Bachelor in Law)
  • PPC (Min. 5 years of experiences)
  • Production Support (fresh grads are welcome)
  • Receptionist
  • Software Engineer (FULLSTACK)
  • Structure (Airframe) Technician (Min. 2 years of experiences, Min. A1, A2, A4 Licenses)
  • Warehouse Admin

Anyone who is qualified and interested, feel free to send your CV and portfolios (If required) to with the subject [Job Title - Full Name].


@TG, 24012022
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