Livestream Operations Specialist

We are Flash Group Indonesia currently looking for Livestream Operations Specialist for our E-commerce Enabler business unit and be part of our growing team!

  1. Responsible for TikTok live room event planning, gameplay design, script planning, etc.
  2. Live room process control and follow-up.
  3. Live broadcast data detection, analysis, and optimization plan.
  4. Store operation in conjunction with live broadcast, post-consultation.
  5. Before and after live broadcast Content promotion, building momentum, operation, etc.
  6. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.  
  1. More than 2 years of relevant work experience in advertising business, e-commerce, and live broadcasting.
  2. Great fluency in Mandarin (Min. HSK 4).
  3. Good planning and marketing skills.
  4. Excellent data analysis and program optimization skills.
  5. Enthusiasm, strong learning ability and able to work under pressure.
  6. Team player and able to collaborate with various parties.
  7. Proactive, able to adapt with fast paced working environment and high intensity work load.

If you are the right fit for this role please send your CV to email:
Feel free to share this good news. Thank you and stay safe!


@TG, 03022022
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