Senior Staff Planning Production, Trainer Injection Molding

Aruni Japanect:
Hello! We are currently looking for:
1. Senior Staff Planning Production (Cikarang)
  • Max 28 years old (min. SMK)
  • Experienced in planning production min. 2 years
  • Computer literate (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc.)
  • Good communication skills, especially in communicating with supplier/customer
    Salary: around 6 mil

2. Trainer Injection Molding (Cikarang)
  • Max 27 years old, min SMA/SMK
  • Computer literate (Excel & Powerpoint)
  • Understand about injection olding process (by theory and in practice)
  • Experienced in handling training, understand how to train and evaluate trainees
    Salary: around 5.3-5.6 mil

Please fill out this form below to apply:
or contact us at 0859-2992-0505 for more information


@TG, 23022022
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