Electrical Supervisor (Karawang)

thumbnail-cadangan Electrical Supervisor (Karawang)

Job Description
  1. Control schedule of all maintenance activity (preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance etc)
  2. Manage Engineering Project (machinery new system design, instalation works estimation, project planning)
  3. Support in HACCP Project (control, improvement and assurance conformity - audit)
  4. Provide on-site emergency repairs, troubleshooting and technical support.
  5. Training and supporting plant personnel in the electrical preventative/predictive/ corrective maintenance program

Job Specification
  1. Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering (from reputable university)
  2. Male, Max 25 - 35 y.o
  3. Experience as Electrical Supervisor 4 Years From FMCG
  4. Strong electrical systems, tools, equipment, codes and safety procedures
  5. Advanced troubleshooting skills
  6. Excellent communication, problem solving and organizational skills along with the ability to coordinate several projects simultaneously.

submit your application (in 1 attachment - pdf not in RAR)
olivia.monica@calbeewings.com ; ririn.marthia@calbeewings.com
subject : Name_Electrical Supervisor (Karawang)


@TG, 05072021
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